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Norfolk Island Dxpedition 2013

List of Supporters

Oceania DX Group
Major Supporter
Please consider joining - to support DXing - Australian Amateur Radio

Major Supporter
Website and logistical support

Online QSL Request, log search and statistics
RF Solutions - you choice in excellent radio products
Fritzel Multi-Band Dipole Antennas
NBS Antennas and Masts
NBS Antennas and Masts

Fankston and Mornington Peninsula Amateur Radio Club

Norfolk Island Tourism

The VK9NT team and ODXG believe in full transparency when it comes to financial management..

  • All monies collected from the amateur community will be used to support the VK9NT operation
  • All Team Members have seen and approved of the budget
  • A journal of all income and expenses will be presented to Team Members
  • Any amateur who donates to VK9NT will, on request, receive a copy of the budget and expense journal
  • Any surplus funds will be distributed equally to the Team Members, or as agreed,  on conclusion of the trip and closing of the books.

Individual Supporters

The team thanks the following people for helping to offset VK9NT costs.

KF7CSO  Eric Pederson VK2SRN  Steve Nelson   KE4KY Glenn Petri 
AJ4RW  Randy Woods  VK3FM Ernie Walls W5RDW Roger White
HB9CWA Ludwig Drapalik RA9CMO Igor Khrennikov W3SN  Jack Bono
VE8GER  Patrick St.Amand OE3EHA  Erwin Haas NV5E Robert May
K1LD David Gerns KT0NY  Tony Estep UP0EPC  Vladimir Gleizer
K3EL David Lloyd K5LLA  Gene Howard Jonathon Campbell
HB9SLO  Bertrand Bladt W2OSR Robert Batchelor AI0O Robert Helmka
KF9AQ  Kevin  Graniero W5RDW  Roger White K3SX  Sidney Shusterman
Anthony Ritchie  GMVMX Henri van Reil N8OC  David Witucki
F5UKW Cedric Morelle  NS6C James Sullivan Allen Young K4FYM
K2RDXJ ohn Mezak  WM9I Joseph Cartnal  W5TTY  Kevin Phillips
W6OPO Bob Lanning KB5UNX  Morrie Pickler JH8NQV  Fumio Nishimura
JA1RTX  Sudoh Takao HS0ZIV  Helmut Heindl  JI1FXS  Yukio Iwata 
KD0Q  Glenn Thorne K1BRO  Andrew Boutin  G3YQA Frank Wilson
JA3FGJ Hirabayashi Toshiaki W3EFE  Leon Savidge W8UQ  Ronald Selders
JA5IU  Sosuke Yoshimatsu W4HG  Wayne Ashworth JA4OPW  Taka Ogawa
W0ZY  Dave McLaughlin W1KDA  Ronald Brodeur W3KX  Diane Ference
W7GSV  Robert Rosie W7BC  Richard Howard JA2VPO  Toshi Suzuki
K6FG  Mark Weiss JA7HYS  Ito Shinichi AE5LK  Lindon Willoughby
K3CWF  Edward Ratledge N4CC Greg Wilson VK3OHM  Marc Hillman
W2GW John Reiser K3SX Sidney Shusterman  WB9B Michael Haack
JA1FNO Tateshi  Sunouchi W6DE  David Engle  NA5AR Robert Blakemore
 AA4FL Jay Garlitz  KD3CQ Dan Hatcher  NU1B Stephen Claar
 K5OA Russell Guidry  HK3W Francisco Londono AA4OC  William Tempel
 NE5S David Duskin  K2GV Gerald Vibert James Punderson  W2QO
HB9AGN  Peter Rueedi N8EHW  Thomas Stayancho K7LY  Jerry France
FM5AN  Guy  Lenormand    

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Thank you for your support!