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Norfolk Island Dxpedition 2016

QSL Information - Please read

OQRS:  Online QSL Request (Bureau and Direct available) at Clublog is the PREFERRED method. 

IMPORTANT:  If using OQRS for Direct requests (preferred) please ensure that your address details are correct in

We do not need your qsl cards but are of course very happy to supply one of ours to you. We would however like to have our contacts with you verified in LotW if possible.

Please note all direct requests without sufficient postage etc will be returned via the bureau system.

We would prefer to lighten the load on QSL bureaus, at least one way, and of course the OQRS will make the Bureau response much faster!  Logs will also be available as soon as possible after the dxpedition on LotW (ARRL Logbook of the World). - again please consider this method instead of bureau cards etc.

QSL either OQRS (Clublog), ARRL LotW, Direct or via the VK QSL Bureau to VK2CA

Direct - (if for some reason you cannot use the OQRS or LotW)

Direct QSLing rules (please read):

  1. All Direct to VK2CA only - please do not send to team members!
  2. At least 2 new version IRC or US$3.50 (in good condition if possible) for return postage.
  3. Please use UTC/GMT times (not JST or others)
  4. Please do not send stamps (even Australian) as it just makes things hard to manage. (I do collect stamps so if you have some from your own country I would be very happy to receive some - even used ones - for my collection)
  5. Please include a self addressed envelope.
  6. Please try to supply a self-sealing envelope as licking hundreds of them is not that much fun :-)
  7. Please do not use envelopes that do not seal at all! (strange but true!)
  8. Make sure your return envelope, if folded, has the fold to the bottom of the sending envelope.  This saves it being cut in half when the original is opened.
  9. Please mark your return envelope as "Air Mail" or use a pre-printed Air Mail envelopes
  10. It would be helpful if your QSL card had your callsign on both sides
  11. Please only QSL via one route.  e.g. If you send a card direct do not send another via the Bureau! Extra work with no benefit to anyone as I will not send twice!
  12. Backup your logs!  I cannot provide information to you in support of your QSL request if your data has been lost. It would breach the integrity of the dxpedition logs and be unethical to do so.

Note: No, or insufficient, postage QSLs will be returned via the Bureau system. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We don't mind paying for our trip....but we don't think we should have to pay for your  direct card as well!

Note: VK QSLs need only supply SSAE (Stamped Self Addressed Envelope)

Direct Address:

Direct QSL Mailing address
A. Meredith
PO Box 890
NSW 2850

Electronic QSL

ARRL Logbook of the World (LotW) was updated daily during the operation.  Final log is uploaded.

QSL Design


VK9NT 2016 QSL - Front


VK9NT 2016 QSL - Back